Monday, December 10, 2007

SOA Grid - ESB as Grid enabler for SOA

ESB can be enabler of SOA Grid. ESB can be used to "gridify" SOA activities - a complete BPEL process , complex event processing or expensive DB transaction. Thus ESB can play a role of SOA computational grid framework.

Designer simply attach annotation to a SOA task and ESB make sure that the task execution will be grid enabled.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Screencast of JackBe enterprise mshup platform

Please visit the link to see the screencast ..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

2nd day at sys-con conference

Today I presented enterprise mashup with SOA. People were little sceptical about inclination of enterprise user to build their own application. But I guess when current facebook users will join the workforce even as a business user, what we can expect ?

People asked few questions about how to use this technology in conjunction with Portal/Reports. Overall people were liked the idea eve if they are not sure when will be the uptake ?

Let's see ...

Monday, November 12, 2007

First day at Sys-con soa conference

First day at the conf was really exciting experience. Talked to very interesting people about very interesting technology.

Particularly , Tibco's Ajax framework was quite impressive. I don't think anything remained to done to provide same user experience in browser as in desktop.

Nexaweb's technology also quite appealing. Good to know that my idea of enterprise mashup is not completely exorbitant.

Please join me in my session on enterprise mashup...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Eneterprise Mashup usecase ... extending Audi

This is very interesting enterprise mashup usecase featured in WSJ [ tuesday , July 31 , 2007] :

Developers at Audi recently built a mashup that helps product managers for the company's A-series line of autos perform competitive analyses. The mashup draws data from 20 different sources, ranging from Audi's inventory system to demographic figures on German Web site Spiegel Online.

Audi's product managers used to check each of the 20 sources individually and copy the results into spreadsheets. While the task was time consuming and inconvenient, Audi's information-technology department didn't want to pay as much as $500,000 to combine all of the data into one application using traditional software-integration techniques, says Anton Hermann Kramm, a member of Audi's IT management team.

But in my humble opinion this is only 30% of potential what mashups can do in enterprise.

Let's extend this ....

After getting the competitive analysis , product managers need to publish it to their advertisement so that in RSS form. So that they can get the prepare their next campaign well.

Those product managers also wants to update their product requirement database from those feeds automatically but beware about the duplicates.

Some competitive features require really higher attention , a feature approval process need to be started along with discussion board.

so on ....

Integration everywhere ...

Self-service everywhere ...

SO mashup everywhere ...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

soaworld west 2007 .... soa and mashup

SOA world 2007 is all about mash-up of soa and mashup -

Multiple speakers talking about soa and convergence of mashup and soa for enterprise.
I am presenting the idea of personalized , declarative mashup for soa enabled enterprise.

In this presentation, i am trying to cover how soa enabled enterprise can embrace mashup. SOA's principle of declarative integration combining with personalization of Web 2.0.

I hope people will appreciate the idea ... please visit the conference and provide your feedback....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mashup starter kit from big blue

IBM's release note for their mashup starter kit for enterprise....

IBM Mashup Starter Kit Enables Reuse and Collaboration
— The IBM Mashup Starter Kit can combine information from databases, departmental information, personal information or the Web. It rapidly blends information and Web services, such as real-time weather reports or maps, with enterprise content and services, and easily 'mashes' them together to generate fast, flexible and affordable applications for specific business needs.

The kit which I yet to try out personally may fuse more encouragement for enterprise to adopt mashups

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SOA on grid

There is an interesting vision forming up on combination of grid and SOA - Grid enabled SOA. It is amazing how different architectural concepts are coming together - scalability , performance with loose coupling and standardization.

For more details -

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Very interesting mashup presentation

I found this presentation in slide share very interesting

Thanks Pamela for such a detailed and hands-on mashup experience for new users.....

Mashup creation can be very fun even though at 3 am.... But enterprise mashup is necessity for under staffed IT org ... with "GRID" it can be really nice to have..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Enterprise mashup grid with space based architecture

I managed to get some time and thoughts after a long break. Thoughts are about scalability of enterprise mashup - mashup grid.

Space based architecture [SBA] can be followed to make mashup development platform grid enabled and thus more scalable , available which is MUST for any enterprise ready products. There are few nice blogs from a vendor on SBA.

Mashup grid powered with Functional programming driven declarative mashup development paradigm can be solution for providing a enterprise environment for "Situation application".

More blogs will be coming soon.....

Thursday, February 22, 2007

QEDWiki - introduction video

Nice introduction video of QEDWiki from IBM.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

enterprise (data) mashup - information delivered

We have played enough with mashups of google maps and flickr photos. But how this new technology can help enterprises or more specifically how mashup can be used to reduce the famous "enterprise information overload".

Mashup seems to be a new found way of finding information in right form (presentation) i.e. craigslist rental apartments in google map or with flickr photos. But recently people are thinking about how mashup can be used to find right information from clouds of data. Take a look at this blog.

What it takes to build enterprise mashup ecosystem ? and how it will coexist with existing enterprise IT investment ? - SOA based applications can be very good source of data to get mashed and enterprise portals for presenting that mashed-up data in user defined ways. Visit this article on how mashup meets SOA.
SOA provides gateways to enterprise applications where all enterprise data are locked; enterprise mashup can unlock them .. and deliver the right information on right time in right way... "information delivered"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

enterprise mashup - vendor landscape

Analysts are predicting that enterprises are going to embrace mashup technology in a big way in this year. See this blog from ZDNet analyst ,

Few companies are doing great job in making the adoption process very smooth with their innovative product. Companies like Data Mashups or KapowTech have very innovative offerings.

Big Blue is also eyeing this emerging market with QedWiki or Adieu.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Situational Application" in enterprise (2.0)

"Situational applications" are a way for people with domain expertise to create applications in a very short time without much IT involvement. These applications can be created just-in-time by empowered enterprise business users and by simply combining SOA enabled information sources and services or SOBAs [Service Oriented Business Application] on the Intranet and Internet.

Please see an detailed blog on this topic from a web 2.0 vendor.

Interesting podcast from IBM on this new enterprise 2.0 concept talks about how IBM preparing for this change of application development model.

For resource constrained enterprise IT, this decentralized software development paradigm can provide a better way to serve the enterprise user's need for more softwares.