Thursday, November 15, 2007

2nd day at sys-con conference

Today I presented enterprise mashup with SOA. People were little sceptical about inclination of enterprise user to build their own application. But I guess when current facebook users will join the workforce even as a business user, what we can expect ?

People asked few questions about how to use this technology in conjunction with Portal/Reports. Overall people were liked the idea eve if they are not sure when will be the uptake ?

Let's see ...

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Chris Warner said...

Interesting that you post about mashups and portals on almost the same day that JackBe announced mashup support for portals. JackBe has tied mashups into portals through WSRP-compliant 'mashlets' and a Javascript-based mashup API. There's a short screencast of mashups in Oracle Portal on the JackBe TV website (