Tuesday, February 20, 2007

enterprise (data) mashup - information delivered

We have played enough with mashups of google maps and flickr photos. But how this new technology can help enterprises or more specifically how mashup can be used to reduce the famous "enterprise information overload".

Mashup seems to be a new found way of finding information in right form (presentation) i.e. craigslist rental apartments in google map or with flickr photos. But recently people are thinking about how mashup can be used to find right information from clouds of data. Take a look at this blog.

What it takes to build enterprise mashup ecosystem ? and how it will coexist with existing enterprise IT investment ? - SOA based applications can be very good source of data to get mashed and enterprise portals for presenting that mashed-up data in user defined ways. Visit this article on how mashup meets SOA.
SOA provides gateways to enterprise applications where all enterprise data are locked; enterprise mashup can unlock them .. and deliver the right information on right time in right way... "information delivered"

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