Monday, October 29, 2007

Eneterprise Mashup usecase ... extending Audi

This is very interesting enterprise mashup usecase featured in WSJ [ tuesday , July 31 , 2007] :

Developers at Audi recently built a mashup that helps product managers for the company's A-series line of autos perform competitive analyses. The mashup draws data from 20 different sources, ranging from Audi's inventory system to demographic figures on German Web site Spiegel Online.

Audi's product managers used to check each of the 20 sources individually and copy the results into spreadsheets. While the task was time consuming and inconvenient, Audi's information-technology department didn't want to pay as much as $500,000 to combine all of the data into one application using traditional software-integration techniques, says Anton Hermann Kramm, a member of Audi's IT management team.

But in my humble opinion this is only 30% of potential what mashups can do in enterprise.

Let's extend this ....

After getting the competitive analysis , product managers need to publish it to their advertisement so that in RSS form. So that they can get the prepare their next campaign well.

Those product managers also wants to update their product requirement database from those feeds automatically but beware about the duplicates.

Some competitive features require really higher attention , a feature approval process need to be started along with discussion board.

so on ....

Integration everywhere ...

Self-service everywhere ...

SO mashup everywhere ...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

soaworld west 2007 .... soa and mashup

SOA world 2007 is all about mash-up of soa and mashup -

Multiple speakers talking about soa and convergence of mashup and soa for enterprise.
I am presenting the idea of personalized , declarative mashup for soa enabled enterprise.

In this presentation, i am trying to cover how soa enabled enterprise can embrace mashup. SOA's principle of declarative integration combining with personalization of Web 2.0.

I hope people will appreciate the idea ... please visit the conference and provide your feedback....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mashup starter kit from big blue

IBM's release note for their mashup starter kit for enterprise....

IBM Mashup Starter Kit Enables Reuse and Collaboration
— The IBM Mashup Starter Kit can combine information from databases, departmental information, personal information or the Web. It rapidly blends information and Web services, such as real-time weather reports or maps, with enterprise content and services, and easily 'mashes' them together to generate fast, flexible and affordable applications for specific business needs.

The kit which I yet to try out personally may fuse more encouragement for enterprise to adopt mashups